Ibtisam Tasnim Zaman, is a Black American artist originally from Tulsa Oklahoma, began her career in India in 2013 when she was privately commissioned to paint a set of mural boards depicting mythological Indian goddesses. Since then Ibtisam has continued to paint murals as a freelance artist resulting in international large scale mural projects, and painting commissions. 

In 2014 Ibtisam painted her first set of corporate murals for a software solution company. The main mural depicted the company’s international and cultural distribution by representing different faces of women in their traditional clothes within the maps of Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia. 

“Privacy to Piracy” was a group exhibition that the artist took part in at Walk-in Studios in Bangalore, India, 2015. Her piece “Overflowing” was a mural cascading down the side of the studio’s exterior walls from the balcony to the ground. She also worked on a series of portraits of her terminally ill grandmother drawn in pen; capturing the fragility and beauty of aging.

 Ibtisam was selected  as one of ten installation  artists hired to decorate the interior of a  home in Bangalore, 2016. The mural concept emerged from the family’s love for Enid Blyton’s Faraway Tree.  She was selected to paint a similarly vibrant tree for the child’s room. The tree’s  branches extended onto the walls and the ceiling with over four thousand leaves, creating a lush canopy of comfort and calm. Between the branches of the tree there were dozens of little girls and fairies with varying skin tones and shades.

During the third edition for the Gender Bender Festival in India, Ibtisam was one of the ten recipients out of 300 applicants to receive the Award, this culminated in a three day group exhibition showcasing the grantees projects’. Ibtisam’s project “Al Awra- The Intimate Parts” was a 5 ft x 7ft canvas mural tapestry that portrayed the lives, challenges and limitations that the women 

In 2019 Ibtisam was part of a duo exhibition with Razan Al Sarraf, and a group exhibition titled Jump Into The Art in a VR venue in NY, New York. And she hosted an open studio in November of 2019.